4 reasons why you still can’t beat sending a greeting card

greeting card

It can seem like the world is becoming more reliant on technology with each passing day. Yet still, greeting cards have prevailed. The age-old tradition of picking a card and writing a message still can’t be beaten – and it’s something that technology will never be able to replace. In a world where you can now send your regards with an email or text, here are 4 reasons why people still love sending cards.

The personal touch

There’s something much more sincere about a handwritten message as opposed to a typed one. Every scribble of a pen or doodle of a pencil can be full of emotion and provide a personal touch that is always appreciated by the receiver. On the other hand, alternative methods of sending a heartfelt message can sometimes appear ingenuine.

The decoration

If you send a card, you can trust that it won’t be forgotten in a matter of moments. Instead, it will usually be put on display and used as a decoration. Depending on the occasion – such as if it’s a birthday – some people leave cards up for a whole week or longer. Meanwhile, other cards can be left on show for months – if not years!

The effort

You’ll want to show your nearest and dearest that they mean a lot to you. A card doesn’t just show that you remembered a special occasion, it shows that you have put in plenty of effort just for them. After all, you’ve picked the perfect card and penned a lovely message just for their benefit.

The options

Despite the fact that cards have been in existence for generations, there are still plenty of new and unique options. That's why cards – unlike text messages or email – can still be an incredibly original way of letting someone know that you care.

You just can’t beat cards

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