At Pink & Greene we share some of our profits with Good Causes.   Good Causes include schools, sports teams, community organisations, clubs and charities.  Joining is free and only takes a few minutes.

Why register your Good Cause?

Fundraising with Pink & Greene is easy: all you have to do is to encourage your supporters to visit us.  We take care of the rest.  When they shop, we pay you a donation.  The amount of the donation is shown next to the price of the product.  For single cards, the donation is typically 2p; for packs of cards, from 2p to 10p; for gifts and stationery, from 5p to 10p per item.

Additionally, as part of our '£500 Challenge', if you raise £250 with us, we'll double it, adding another £250 to your account.

Greeting cards are enormously popular.  97% of us give and receive them, all year round.  On average, we each buy 31 per year.  This creates a tremendous opportunity for fundraisers, who can use Pink & Greene to turn greeting card purchases by their supporters into donations.

What happens when you register?

When you register a Good Cause, we create a Fundraiser Homepage for you.  This page tells visitors about your organisation and why you're raising funds.  

We also create a Fundraising Account Page for you.  Visit this page when you log in and you'll see how much you've earned, and be able to change your account settings, such as how you'd like to be paid.  We transfer funds quarterly to you, when balances exceed £25.  (If your account holds less than £25, we hold over your payment until the following quarter.  If you decide to close your account, we transfer any funds immediately.)

Telling your supporters about us.

Whenever you're contacting your supporters - by newsletter, email, Facebook or webpage - don't forget to tell them about Pink & Greene and how you'll benefit, if they choose to buy their cards from us.  If you're sending an email or tweet, include the web address of your Fundraiser Homepage so that supporters can visit in a single click and forward it to their friends.  

Keeping them interested.

To encourage your supporters to keep coming back, we'll send you regular offers, promotions and discounts which you can send on to them in your regular communications.  If you're having a special fundraising event do get in touch (, and we'll do our best to create a special promotion for you to use.  

Keep up to date with our latest offers by signing up to our news emails, following us on Twitter (@pinkgreene), or friending us on Facebook.